Steele Road

The clients own a small Victorian terraced house in Chiswick. They were unhappy with the size of their existing kitchen and the separate dining room. Another issue was that neither the kitchen nor the dining room received a lot of natural light.

The plan was to add a single storey side extension. This was to create better natural light levels by allowing for skylights over the extension and a new set of bi-fold doors in the rear wall. The resultant floorspace was then to be configured to create a large kitchen with better link to the dining area. The kitchen was to remain at the rear and the dining room inside the main house with a doorway between the two.

I developed a number of layout options along those lines, but had one idea that was a bit different. I sent the following email to the clients at the time, together with a drawing, and explained my thoughts:

"I am actually wondering whether it would make more sense to swap dining room and kitchen. The kitchen in the existing dining room space would then become a dedicated kitchen, there'd be plenty of space for kitchen units and the space alongside the stairs could be used for full height cabinets. A kitchen also would be less affected by lower lighting levels as task lighting would need to be provided anyway.

The rear space could then be given over to dining & living. It would receive excellent levels of light, and allow views through into the garden. Another option here would be to create an open plan layout. I feel that here this would allow us to create a much more flexible layout, plus it would bring plenty of light into the room that is currently used as the dining room and the proportions just immediately become so much more generous."

The clients loved the idea and the design was implemented.

The project has been completed.

Click here to view PDF of plans