Sidcup High Street

The existing building is a two-storey commercial unit, with shops on the ground floor facing a high street and leisure use to the first floor.

The building occupies the entire footprint of the site, which is 45 meters long and only 15 meters wide. It has no established windows along either flank elevation. The only windows are in the front and rear walls.

The client is looking to add two further storeys in order to create 13 flats - eleven 2-bed flats, one 1-bed flat and one 3-bed flat.

The challenge is to bring natural daylight into the building along the flank walls and to make sure that the two additional storeys have no visual impact on the high street.

I have created a balconied walkway along one side of the building, which allows access to all the flats, and private balconies along the other side of the building. The main body of the building is now set back from the outer walls. The existing flank walls have to be opened up for this reason.

The second storey is stepped back from the front wall, and the third storey stepped back even further, so neither is visible from the high street.

This project is at development stage and discussions as to its feasibility are currently taking place with a planning consultant. It is hoped to apply for planning permission in early January.

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