Havelock Walk

This is a large formerly commercial unit, originally converted into a Live / Work unit by my client, who is an artist and uses the building as a studio.

When the building was first changed into a Live / Work Unit, a number of measures had been necessary to make it habitable, however these measures had largely proved unsuccessful.

My client now intended to convert the building into two Live/Work units and add another storey to the middle section of the existing building.

The brief was to develop the best way to achieve the division into two, design the additional storey so that it would complement the style of the existing building, and to replace any unsuitable elements that had been installed previously.

I worked closely with my client, the borough's planning and conservation officers and building control officer to create a design that would meet the wishes of the client as well as meeting the the borough's planning standards. These design discussions ended up taking several years, with several different approaches, until we arrived at the final design.

Once we had an agreed way forward I produced the planning application drawing package, the Design & Access statement and all other supplementary documentation.

We applied for and received planning permisson and the design can now be implemented.

The project is currently on site.