Elwill Way

This large family dwelling had been gradually updated within its existing envelope. Now however the clients wanted to carry out some changes that required the input of an architect:

The plan was to convert the garage into a study and to add a rear extension, both of which required planning permission.

The existing layout was simply outdated: a kitchen with a worktop running along either wall, giving it a racetrack feel, with only limited space for a table; a rear conservatory, which was little used, as it overheated in the summer and was too cold in the winter, and a separate dining room, which could not be accessed directly from the kitchen. The house also needed a large utility room.

In discussion with the clients I developed a design for the front elevation, where the garage doors were being infilled, and I then looked at the new layout for the rear rooms. The idea was to create a large open plan area which would retain three distinct "zones", one for cooking, one for eating and one for relaxing. The whole family would come together here.

Once the design stage, which also included the proposed rear elevations, was completed I applied for and received planning permission.

At construction stage I was then asked to develop detailed interior layouts for the kitchen and the utility room. I also provided construction details for the contractor to work from, applied for building control approval and liaised with the structural engineer for the roof, wall and foundation design.

The project has been completed.

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